“Bubble & Squeak”

A range of quirky bags for every occasion, made by combining remnants with colourful contemporary designs to create beautiful bespoke pieces.

One-of-a-kind, no two are alike but all are handmade in Snowdonia, North Wales from durable, waterproof PVC-coated cotton and have full linings, strong, adjustable straps, reinforced bases and magnetic closures so they won’t let you down.

They may not change your life but they’ll certainly brighten your day.


height: 36cm*

width: 30cm*

depth: 13cm*


height: 28cm*

width: 23cm*

depth: 9cm*


height: 25cm*

width: 24cm*

depth: 9cm*


We always try to make each of our bags unique and special. With these particular styles there are fewer bits we can change so there may be less choice of outer fabric combinations, however they will still be one-of-a-kind because we change the lining fabric weekly.


height: 26cm*

width: 35cm*

depth: 8cm*

Zipper fastening


height: 38cm*

width: 40cm*

depth: 12cm*


height: 25cm*

width: 36cm*

depth: 10cm*

Baby Blogger

height: 25cm*

width: 36cm*

depth: 8cm*


height: 39cm*

width: 40cm*

depth: 12cm*

Extra inner pockets
Ideal for baby
changing or school

With over 150 oilcloths hidden in the attic at any time, the colour combinations are endless. So if you’re looking for spotty or dotty, stripey or pipey, I have it all.

Check out this selection from our current range of oilcloths.

*These measurements may differ slightly depending on the width of the remnants.

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